Financial Aid Offer Letter

When your financial aid offer has been prepared, you will receive a notification that your Financial Aid Offer Letter is available in your Message Center on Please review your offer carefully, and notify your Student Account Specialist if any of the items on the offer letter appear to be incorrect. Contact the Student Services Center at or (626) 815-2020) to work with a Student Account Specialist. The information will be reviewed and updated, if needed. If revisions are made, a revised offer letter will be issued to you.

Cost of Attendance and Tuition Information

View current information on your program’s tuition and fees or calculate your cost of attendance.

Summer Aid

The aid represented in your Financial Aid Offer Letter is based on the enrollment terms that are designated as required by your academic program. If your offer does not include aid for the summer term but you plan to attend during the summer, contact your Student Account Specialist to update your anticipated enrollment and receive a revised offer.

Credit Balance Information

If you have completed all of your “To Do List” items and are enrolled at least half-time, loan funds will be disbursed to your student account no sooner than one week prior to the start of your classes. Your loan funds will be disbursed in equal installments (see sample refund calculation below). If you have borrowed above your term charges leaving an excess in credit, we will automatically send you a refund.

Sample Refund Check Calculation

As an example scenario, if you accept loans totaling $20,500 for the academic year, and you attend 9 fall units, 7 spring units, and 3 summer units at $698/unit, then your loans and refunds might break down as shown:

Fall disbursement (after lender fee) $6,760
Fall tuition $6,282 (9 units x $698)
Refund check $478
Spring disbursement (after lender fee) $6,760
Spring tuition $4,886 (7 units x $698)
Refund check $1,874
Summer disbursement (after lender fee) $6,760
Summer tuition $2,094 (3 units x $698)
Refund check $4,666
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