Honors Humanities Major

APU’s Honors College offers an innovative honors humanities major, emphasizing good leadership, moral and intellectual virtue, and the Christian tradition, to high-achieving, academically motivated undergraduate students. Research shows that graduates of a liberal arts education tend to possess greater leadership ability, morality, and life satisfaction than peers from other college settings.1 With this in mind, the program aims to prepare scholarly disciples who are dedicated to loving God and neighbor, devoted to civic engagement, and committed to seeking truth, beauty, and goodness.

Honors College students are exempt from APU’s 62-unit General Education program and instead double major in honors humanities and a second major of their choice. The honors humanities program consists of 10 courses in which students engage life's most important questions. All course readings are primary sources, introducing students to landmark texts in the fields of theology, philosophy, history, science, and literature. The combination of a Great Works education with a vocationally oriented second major prepares students to apply timeless ideas to timely issues throughout their careers and lives. Learn more about how to lead with your honors humanities major combination.

Many Honors students have gone on to medical school, law school, and PhD programs, and to pursue advanced degrees in business administration, ministry, the helping professions, and more.

Program Highlights

  • Oxford-style tutorials and discussion-based colloquies offer deep learning without exams, textbooks, or busywork.
  • The combination of a second major (English, psychology, chemistry, etc.) and the rigor of the humanities major provides excellent preparation for graduate school.
  • Exploring life’s big questions from a faith perspective provides students with perspective, intellectual maturity, and a storehouse of wisdom that prepares them for a life well-lived.
  • Priority registration allows students to reserve the classes they want.
  • A $1,000 per year Honors scholarship is available for students in the program.
Get a Closer Look

Download the Honors Humanities major brochure.

Is This Major Right for You?

You are an honors humanities major if you:

  • Graduate in the top 10 percent of your high school class.
  • Enjoy spirited conversation and debate.
  • Want to think deeply about important issues.
  • Desire to love God with your mind as well as your heart and soul.
  • Love to read and write.
  • Aspire to stir the hearts and minds of your generation.


To view specific requirements and coursework information, visit the current academic catalog:

Program Requirements

Apply to the Honors College

Students must apply to the Honors College to pursue the honors humanities major. View application requirements.

Note: This information is current for the 2022-23 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.


  1. “The Proof Liberal Arts Colleges Need?”, Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed (January 22, 2016), insidehighered.com
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