Living Areas

Campus housing consists of living areas that are “on campus” and managed by the university specifically to provide students a community aligned with the mission and purpose of APU. These areas include residence halls and apartments.

Students who do not identify with APU’s faith-informed view of gender should engage with the Residence Life staff. APU may be able to provide housing in University Village, with private living spaces and restrooms, subject to availability. As with all student housing requests, APU makes such assignments in its discretion and discernment in light of the housing needs of our residential students as a whole.

Residence Halls

Adams Hall
Adams Hall is a three-story residence hall open to undergraduate women of all class levels.

Engstrom Hall
Engstrom Hall is a four-story, co-ed residence hall open to undergraduate men and women living on single-sex wings. As Engstrom Hall is home to our freshmen honors college program, residents are primarily freshmen and sophomores.

Trinity Hall
Trinity Hall is a five-story residence hall for men and women of all class levels living on single-sex wings.


Shire Mods
The Shire Mods residential community offers apartment-style on-campus housing for men and women living in single-sex apartments.

University Village
University Village offers apartment-style housing for men and women living in single-sex apartment units within walking distance of campus.

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