When do I move in and how do I get my keys?

All students assigned to campus housing will be sent an official notification of assignment with specific instructions on checking in.

Check-in Procedure

  1. Go to the Office of Residence Life, located in Engstrom Hall.
  2. Sign a Key Card and Check-in Certification form, and pick up your key(s).
  3. Begin moving into your room/apartment.
  4. Assess the condition of your room/apartment online within 7 days. To do so, go to and search for Campus Housing Room Condition using the search function (magnifying glass icon) in the top right corner, then click on the top search result.

Notify the Office of Residence Life if you will be arriving later than one week after check-in. If you are required to come to campus early for athletics, music, drama, or other on-campus activities, contact that department for more information. For additional questions, contact the Office of Residence Life at (626) 812-3056 or


The checkout deadline for fall is noon on the Saturday of finals week. In addition, read about this season’s Christmas Break 2021 (PDF). The checkout deadline for spring is 3 p.m. on the Sunday after commencement. Notification will be sent to students and posted as a web announcement. There are two ways to check out of your housing assignment: verified checkouts and unverified checkouts.

Verified Checkouts (RA Appointments)

To checkout with an RA you must make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance. At the designated appointment time you and your RA will walk through your room/apartment to assess any cleaning and damage charges. You will receive a copy of the Room Condition Assessment and will be aware of any charges assessed. This is your opportunity to question and appeal what is documented. At a later time, you will receive an invoice from the Office of Residence Life with the costs of the charges and notification that they were applied to your student account (view a list of Common Checkout Charges (PDF)). You are still responsible for returning your own key (see below).

COVID-19 Update: In order to limit contact between students during the pandemic, verified appointments will not be available for the 2020-21 academic year. RAs will inspect rooms after students move out and any charges noted will be sent to students at a later date. Students are highly encouraged to complete their check-in assessment upon arrival to note any damages to their unit. In addition, there will be a formal appeals process if students feel they have been charged for items they documented at check-in.

Unverified Checkouts

To checkout properly using this checkout method, obtain a “Key Return and Checkout Certification” envelope from the Office of Residence Life. Complete the information on the front of the envelope and put your key in it. Completed envelopes can be dropped off at Residence Life in Engstrom Hall. By choosing this method, you understand that you will not be present for the walkthrough and any cleaning and damage charges will be assessed by your RA. By choosing the unverified method, you waive the ability to appeal charges. At a later time, you will receive an invoice from the Office of Residence Life with the costs of the charges and notification that they were applied to your student account (view a list of Common Checkout Charges (PDF)).

Key Return

Every student is personally responsible for turning in his or her own key(s). Keys can be dropped off in the Office of Residence Life in Engstrom Hall. If the office is closed, there is an after-hours self-servce drop to the left of the front door. All keys must be returned in a “Key Return and Checkout Certification” envelope by the checkout deadline or within 72 hours of your campus housing reversal or revocation. Those who fail to return or return their key late will be assessed a lock recore cost of $50.

Reminder: Mailbox keys and gate clickers are not returned to Residence Life. Contact Mail Services and/or the Department of Campus Safety for information about returning those items.

Important note to Trinity Hall residents who are checking out: Trinity Hall residents need to fill out a “Key Return and Checkout Certification” envelope if they are doing unverified checkout. Even though you do not have a metal key, you may not simply leave. We understand that the envelopes will be empty—do not put your ID card in the envelope. If for some reason you do have a metal key, return it in the envelope by the deadline.


Students leaving are required to clean their own personal living space to prepare for the next residents. If everyone in the unit is leaving, everyone is responsible for the cleanliness of the unit, unless otherwise noted during the checkout inspection by your resident advisor (RA). Failure to clean to the extent of the Minimum Cleaning Requirements (PDF) will result in itemized custodial charges to cover the cost of labor in the unit.


If you currently have utilities set up in your name, make sure you either close or transfer service before you leave. If you are leaving mid-term, please consider your roommates before you cancel service. Visit our utilities information page for more information.

If you have any questions about the checkout process, contact us at (626) 812-3056 or

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