Accommodated Exams

If you are a student who requires testing accommodations, you must make an appointment to proctor your exam in the LEC.

Students or faculty who need a makeup exam proctored may use our You Can Book Me site to check on availability of appointments. We cannot guarantee openings for APU makeup exams; instead, we encourage department faculty and staff to proctor makeup exams.

Students with Testing Accommodations

To schedule an exam in the Learning Enrichment Center, just fill out the online APU Exam Scheduling Form—you no longer need to call or make a trip to the LEC to set up a time to take your exam! All exams must be scheduled 3 business days in advance.

Follow these steps carefully:

  • Communicate with your professor to determine the day and time you are allowed to take your accommodated exam in the LEC.
  • Go to our online APU Exam Scheduling Form.
  • Enter all required information. When examples are shown within the form, follow them to enter required information.
  • Your completed schedule request will be sent to the LEC for approval or denial. If you do not provide all of the information required for us to proctor your exam, or if you do not have your professor’s approval for the day and time for which you are scheduling your exam, your schedule request will be denied.
  • Once the LEC approves or denies your request, you will receive an email showing the status of your request.
  • If your schedule request is approved, we will see you at the date and time you scheduled.
  • If your schedule request is denied, contact the LEC to determine why your request was denied and then submit a new schedule request.
  • Your exam is not confirmed to be proctored in the LEC until you receive an email showing that your schedule request has been approved.

We look forward to partnering with you and your professor to provide the most convenient and efficient way possible to further your academic success!