Schedule an ALEKS Retake Appointment

  • All students who are required to use ALEKS should take their first ALEKS assessment at home. Students may retake the ALEKS assessment up to three times, but all retakes must be proctored. Only your best score will count. The time limit for a proctored assessment is 120 minutes.
  • After your first retake, you must work in your Prep and Learning Module for at least five hours prior to each additional retake.
  • Students who score 60 or higher on their initial, unproctored ALEKS assessment are required to confirm their score by taking an ALEKS assessment in a proctored environment. For these students only, the initial, unproctored assessment score does not count.

You may schedule an ALEKS retake appointment either at APU’s Learning Enrichment Center or at a distance proctoring site closer to your home.

Schedule a Retake Appointment at the LEC

You may contact the Learning Enrichment Center (located on Azusa’s East Campus) at or (626) 815-3849 to schedule an ALEKS retake appointment at a time that works best for you. The LEC proctors exams 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday–Friday year-round. There is no proctoring fee for students who retake ALEKS at the LEC.

Schedule a Retake Appointment at a Distance Proctoring Site

If you live too far away from Azusa to come to campus for a proctored ALEKS retake, learn more about how to schedule a retake appointment at a testing center near you. Note that outside proctoring fees may apply at testing centers not affiliated with APU.