Start Using ALEKS Now

Before taking an ALEKS assessment, be sure to determine whether you need to do so.

Students who need to use ALEKS are strongly encouraged to take an initial assessment as soon as possible using any computer with internet access. The assessment typically takes 60-120 minutes, but you have up to 24 hours to complete it.

After taking an initial assessment, you will be able to review using your personalized Prep and Learning Module and then retake the ALEKS assessment up to three times. Be sure not to use any external resources while taking the ALEKS assessment. An artificially inflated score will only place you into a math class for which you are not adequately prepared. Also, be aware that a score of 60 or higher on an unproctored ALEKS assessment does not count for official placement and must be confirmed in a proctored environment.

New Students (Freshman or Transfer)

Most students who use ALEKS are new to APU. A six-month subscription to ALEKS is provided free of charge to all new APU students.

ALEKS access for students who are NEW TO APU

If a returning student uses the above link to access ALEKS, any placement scores for that student will not count.

Returning Students

Because ALEKS scores expire after 12 months, returning students who need to take a math course but have not yet passed one will need to use ALEKS again to determine appropriate placement. Returning students are asked to pay the $25 fee for a new ALEKS subscription directly to McGraw-Hill.

ALEKS access for students who are NOT new to APU