Student in cap and gown with Veteran sash

Principles of Excellence

Azusa Pacific University, fully complies with Executive Order 13607 establishing Principles of Excellence for Educational Institutions Serving Service Members, Veterans, Spouses and Other Family Members.

We are dedicated to continuing our long-standing partnership with military and veteran communities. APU commits to meeting the individual principles outlined in the Principles of Excellence:

  • Prior to enrolling students, Azusa Pacific University works diligently to ensure the accreditation of all new academic programs.
  • Azusa Pacific University offers students a customized Financial Aid Shopping Sheet (link to below Financial Aid Resources accordion), providing an overview of the total cost of a degree program.
  • All Azusa Pacific University military and veteran education beneficiaries are furnished with an educational plan (link to accordion below).
  • Due to the unique challenges faced by servicemembers, Azusa Pacific University provides accommodations (link to accommodations accordion below) for student absence due to service obligations.
  • Azusa Pacific University identifies a point of contact for students in regard to academic and financial advising (link to accordion tab below).
  • In compliance with federal policies, Azusa Pacific University's institutional refund policies (link to accordion below) closely follow those of Title IV.
  • To maintain compliance with federal programs, Azusa Pacific University does not permit dishonest or aggressive recruiting practices.

Financial Aid Opportunities and Counseling

In addition to the military benefit options, military students may also be eligible for various Federal, state, and institutional financial aid programs. Azusa Pacific University's Student Services Center is eager to assist you with finding optimal financial pathways to support the completion of your academic goals.

Financial Aid Shopping Sheet

Azusa Pacific University is committed to ensuring that military service members, veterans, and their families are aware of the financial investment they are making in their education and, in accordance with the Principles of Excellence (Principles) outlined in Executive Order 13607, has adopted the Financial Aid Shopping Sheet (Shopping Sheet) to assist in making an educated decision on where to attend a post-secondary educational institution. The Shopping Sheet will allow you to see financial aid information in a standardized format from all institutions of higher education that are adhering to the Principles.

The Shopping Sheet also provides performance data at the institution level and provides a comparison to national average performance data, including graduation and Federal loan default rates, as well as information regarding the median amount of Federal student loans borrowed by enrolled students.

Contact the Student Services Center to receive more information or for us to prepare a personalized Shopping Sheet for you.

Net Price Calculator

The Net Price Calculator is available for incoming college students to estimate your individual net price to attend Azusa Pacific University before you apply. The calculator is a planning tool and is an estimate based on the information you provide.

Education Plans

Educational plans will be developed and reviewed with our military service member and veteran students by the student’s academic adviser. The initial educational plan provided prior to enrollment will detail how the student will fulfill all of the requirements to graduate from the educational program, as well as the expected timeline of program completion. Additionally, students are able to track their academic progress and degree requirements within their student portal.

The student is responsible for keeping appointments with his/her academic adviser to review important academic plan information.

Please be cognizant of the length of time it is expected for you to complete the program as well as the remaining number of months you may be eligible to receive military education benefits. You may need to adjust the number of hours you schedule each term or period to assure maximization of your education benefits.

Advising Point of Contact

Military students are encouraged to ask about academic support, financial aid advising, disability services, or career counseling that is made available by the school. Students should contact the Student Services department on campus for further guidance and information. The Office of Military and Veteran Services is happy to assist students in connecting with their appropriate academic counselor. They can be reached at:

In the event of deployment and/or other circumstances related to military service that will disrupt a student’s course of study, Azusa Pacific University will seek to accommodate a student's academic needs. Policies governing these accommodations for service related absences are found in the academic catalogs for each career as follows:

Traditional Undergraduate Students

Professional Students

Graduate Students

Military Tuition Assistance Return Policy

The DOD MOU requires that the university "have an institutional policy that returns any unearned TA funds on a proportional basis through at least the 60 percent portion of the period for which the funds were provided. TA funds are earned proportionally during an enrollment period, with unearned funds returned based upon when a student stops attending". In accordance with that requirement, the university TA funds return policy is as follows:

Between the start date of a class and up to the Add/Drop date of that class (as defined by the academic calendar), the university will refund 100% of TA funds back to the respective military department if a student drops from a course for which TA funds were used to pay tuition. After the Add/Drop date and prior to the 61% point,  "earned" TA funds are prorated on a per day  basis. So, for example, if a student has $100 in TA funds applied to their account for a class, and completes 14 days of a 60 day course (23%), then the student is considered to have earned $23. The remaining $77 would be returned. The student's withdraw date is calculated in accordance with the institutions withdraw date definitions for federal R2T4 purposes. After the 60% point in a class, a student is considered to have "earned" all TA funds and no return is made.

*The institutional policy for TA funds may be superseded by the return policies of military branches. So for example, if the university return policy determines that a student has earned $50 of $100 in TA funds, but the Army requests a full return of $100, the university will return the amount that is requested by the branch ($100). 

Refund Policies

Azusa Pacific University has policies for refunding institutional charges and returning federal financial aid that are aligned with Federal Return to Title IV requirements. 

Traditional Undergraduate Students

Professional Students

Graduate Students

Making an Informed Choice

As you consider your next steps in education, Azusa Pacific University is committed to helping you make an informed choice regarding which school to attend. Toward that end, below are a variety of resources that can assist you with key information. 
  • College Scorecard – The U.S. Department of Education's College Scorecard compiles reliable data on college costs, graduation, and salary after attending.
  • College Navigator – This free consumer tool provides information for students about colleges and universities (including Azusa Pacific University) such as: cohort default rates, average borrowing rates, and comparisons to national averages.
  • Paying for College – The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau provides help in making informed financial decisions about how to pay for college.
  • TA Decide – This dynamic information and comparison tool is designed specifically to aid participants of DoD's Tuition Assistance (TA) program in making informed choices on schools and education programs. 
  • Cost of BooksAPU does not include the cost of books in tuition. As such, prices may vary depending on program and coursework.  A good rule of thumb though would be to spend no less than $1752 per academic year on books.

TA Top Up Benefits

Using Top-Up benefits may be an option if you plan to use tuition assistance (TA) to complete a degree program while on active duty, and don't plan to continue your education after service. Top-up can also be helpful for just taking a few courses with TA while on active duty; then you can save most of your GI Bill benefits for after service to complete your education program.