Auditions and Scholarships


The APU College of the Arts offers two scholarships to undergraduate students interested in music. All students wishing to be considered for scholarship must audition.

  • College of the Arts Music Scholarship - Music Majors Only
    The College of the Arts Music Scholarship is a generous, talent-based scholarship program renewable up to eight semesters while completing an undergraduate music degree within the APU School of Music. Based on an incoming student’s audition(s), the scholarship committee will evaluate the student’s overall talent and potential contribution to the School of Music, and award scholarships accordingly.
  • College of the Arts Engagement Scholarship - Music Minors and Non-Music Majors
    Students pursuing a music minor or a non-music major are welcome to audition for a College of the Arts Engagement Scholarship. These scholarships are based on participation in our various vocal and instrumental ensembles.

How to Schedule Your Audition and Apply for a Scholarship

  1. Complete your APU Application
  2. Select your music major (if applicable)
  3. Complete your Fall 2019 Music Undergrad - Audition and Scholarship Application
  4. If eligible, complete your FAFSA. (Does not apply to international students)
  5. The APU School of Music will email you with a link to schedule your audition
  6. Complete your audition

Priority Deadline

February 15, 2019 is the priority deadline for the Fall 2019 Music Undergrad - Audition and Scholarship Application. Students are encouraged to complete the APU Application, their Audition and Scholarship Application, and the FAFSA (if applicable) by the deadline to ensure consideration.

Audition Dates

Via the application process, students may request an in-person audition during any one of our audition dates:

Video Auditions

Students are encouraged to complete their auditions in-person if possible. Those students unable to make it to campus may upload a video audition through the Fall 2019 Music Undergrad - Audition and Scholarship Application.

Undergraduate Audition and Interview Requirements

Students may need to audition or interview in more than one category to ensure the best possible assessment.

Choral Audition
Voice Audition (Classical)
Voice Audition (Commercial)
Drum Set Audition
Percussion Audition
Bass Audition (Commercial)
Guitar Audition (Classical)
Guitar Audition (Commercial)
Piano Audition (Classical)
Piano Audition (Commercial)
Strings and Harp Audition
Woodwinds and Brass Audition
Commercial Music Interview
Composition and Arranging Interview
Music and Worship Interview
Music Education Interview

Graduate and Artist Certificate

Auditions for the APU School of Music Graduate Program and Artist Certificate Programs are dependent on the program you wish to pursue.

Note: This information is current for the 2018-19 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.

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