Emergency Notification Systems

The ability to quickly and effectively notify students, faculty, and staff of situations in progress is crucial to the safety and security of our community. In the event of a campus emergency, Azusa Pacific has systems in place to help notify the APU community about the situation and how they may need to respond.

Mass Notification System

During emergency situations on or near campus, Azusa Pacific will use a mass emergency notification system to provide students, faculty, and staff critical notification updates and instructions via text message, email, and voicemail.

This system allows APU administrators, Campus Safety, and the university’s Critical Incident Response Team to rapidly communicate with the entire campus population during a major event, providing real-time emergency alerts and instructions for the community.

Because of this, all employees and students are automatically enrolled in the system. Contact information is determined by what the university has on file.

Updating Your Information

Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to review their contact information and keep it up to date. The university will reserve this system for emergencies only. Each year, the campus community will receive an email from the Critical Incident Response Team as a reminder to update contact information to ensure messages are sent to active phones and email addresses.

You can also update your information any time you have a phone number or email address change.

Public Address System

The APU public address system includes a siren and verbal instructions to help the community know how to respond in the event of an emergency. When you hear the siren, listen carefully for instructions on what to do next before reacting. For example, the message may include instructions to evacuate immediately, in the case of an earthquake or fire, or shelter-in-place, in the event of situations such as an active shooter or armed suspect on campus.

Installed in July 2009, APU’s public address system has speakers located on East Campus, West Campus, and Administration West. These speakers can be heard outdoors and in most buildings throughout the campus, and by APU’s immediate neighbors as well. The university tests the public address system on a regular basis.

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