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Judicial Affairs

The judicial affairs team oversees the university’s Accountability Process. Our goal is to walk alongside students throughout their time at APU, so they can make the most of their university experience while remaining accountable to the university’s policies and community standards.

We encourage you to review the following and familiarize yourself with the information in the university’s Student Handbook. Understanding this information is the responsibility of each APU student.

Learn more about the university’s core beliefs that shape our Community Expectations by reading What We Believe.

As university staff come alongside students during their time at APU, we strive to respect and care for each individual and their needs, while also considering the community’s needs. Our goal is to keep accountability, integrity, and a call to God-honoring excellence at the center as we encourage students to take responsibility for their actions and choices.

For additional information on APU’s Community Expectations or the university’s disciplinary process, please contact our office at [email protected].