Other Prohibited Conduct

Prohibition Against Retaliation

All persons are absolutely prohibited from taking any action against any other member of the university community either for alleging discrimination prohibited by Title IX or for cooperating in grievance proceedings related to such allegations, including but not limited to, the Complainant, Respondent, or witnesses to an alleged incident of sex discrimination. Any person engaging in any retaliatory action(s) will be subject to a separate complaint under the Student Standards of Conduct and this policy as applicable and appropriate sanctions or disciplinary action for determined violations up to and including dismissal from the university or termination of employment.

False Complaints

Any complainant who knowingly makes false charges alleging violations of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment or dismissal from the University.

Other Prohibited Conduct

In the process of investigating a complaint of sexual misconduct, investigators may uncover other violations of University policy. A respondent found to have committed sexual misconduct, and to have engaged in other violations of university policy may be subject to discipline both for the sexual harassment, stalking, and sexual violence, and for the other policy violations uncovered during the investigation.

Title IX at APU

A Title IX investigation begins when Azusa Pacific’s Title IX Coordinator and/or Title IX Deputy Coordinator receive a report of behavior that may violate Title IX, which prohibits sex discrimination, including sexual violence, in educational programs and activities. Discipline imposed on respondents who are found to have engaged in sex discrimination under the policy and accompanying procedures does not constitute retaliation.

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