Title IX Committee

Duties and Responsibilities of the Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinators

The university has, in accordance with Title IX, appointed a Title IX coordinator and a team of deputy coordinators, who assist the Title IX coordinator. The university’s Title IX coordinator is the individual designated by the university president with responsibility for carrying out the university’s responsibilities under Title IX, including receiving reports of alleged violations of Title IX from responsible employees, overseeing the university’s response to Title IX complaints, and identifying and addressing recurring or systemic violations. The coordinator has knowledge of the requirements of Title IX and the university’s related policies and procedures.

Together, the coordinator and deputy coordinators comprise the university’s Title IX Committee. The committee, or some combination of some members of the committee, is aware of and investigates all Title IX complaints raised at the university, evaluates a complainant’s request for confidentiality, reviews the university’s disciplinary procedures to ensure that procedures comply with the prompt and equitable requirements of Title IX, and ensures that training is provided to university students and employees as required by Title IX.

Questions or concerns related to this policy may be directed to the Title IX coordinator.

Title IX Coordinator

  • Christine R. Guzman

    • Phone: (626) 815-2065
    • Email: crguzman@apu.edu
    • Office Location: East Campus, 901 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa, CA 91702

Deputy Coordinators

  • Brittany Billar

    Associate Dean of Student Engagement

    • Phone: (626) 815-6085
    • Email: bbillar@apu.edu
    • Office Location: Student Affairs, Building 27, East Campus, 901 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa, CA 91702
  • John Baugus

    Executive Director of Human Resources

    • Phone: (626) 815-4622
    • Email: jbaugus@apu.edu
    • Office Location: Citrus Edge Building, 511 W. Citrus Edge St., Glendora, CA 91740
  • Caitlyn Ratliff

    Regional Campus Engagement Coordinator

    • Phone: (626) 815-2555
    • Email: cratliff@apu.edu
    • Office Location: Cougar Dome, East Campus, 901 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa, CA 91702
  • Dean Montgomery

    Department of Campus Safety

    • Phone: (626) 815-3898
    • Email: dmontgomery@apu.edu
    • Office Location: Department of Campus Safety, Smith Hall, East Campus, 901 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa, CA 91702
  • Carrie Ullmer

    Director, Center for Global Learning and Engagement

    • Phone: (626) 857-2442
    • Email: cullmer@apu.edu
    • Office Location: East Campus, 901 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa, CA 91702
  • Bethany Blomquist

    Compliance Coordinator, Department of Athletics

    • Phone: (626) 387-5796
    • Email: bblomquist@apu.edu
    • Office Location: Athletics Department, West Campus, 701 E. Foothill Blvd., Azusa, CA 91702

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