Keep Us Informed

If a situation or event arises that may attract media representatives to the campus, or if a reporter is already on campus to cover a situation or event, please inform Maureen Taylor [office, (626) 815-4510 or cell phone, (626) 945-6172], or Rachel White [office, (626) 815-4502 or cell phone, (626) 533-5807], immediately so that we may work to assist the media in the most appropriate fashion.

To Report an Event, Program, Story of Scholarship

As we continue to develop a stronger presence with the media, we encourage faculty and administrators to become more involved and take a proactive role in notifying our office of events, new programs, special guest speakers, scholarly activities, and areas of expertise. Events should be reported at least four to six weeks in advance, or as soon as you are aware of the event/situation.

To notify the media relations team of possible news items, contact Rachel White, associate director of public relations, at (626) 815-4502 or via email at

University Experts

What does it mean to serve as an expert? Faculty, staff, and administrators can serve as experts to media contacts in their individual areas of expertise. Reporters continuously contact the media relations team looking for experts to discuss subjects related to current trends.

APU’s online expert directory highlights some of our faculty and staff, showcasing their area of expertise, educational background, and position at APU. Please contact contact Rachel White, associate director of public relations, at if you are interested in being part of the directory. Also, please contact us if you have questions or to update your information.

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