Worship Arts Lab

The Worship Arts Lab is a space and time designed for teenage worship leaders and their adult mentors. Each summer, youth and adults converge on Azusa Pacific University’s campus to spend time developing their abilities in worship and the arts. Students are given the opportunity to develop their craft, and adults are invited to hone their mentoring abilities. And everyone joins in the process of worship design and innovation.

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Event Dates: June 22-26, 2020

Cost: $395


What Will We Do?

Worship Together

Worship with other individuals who are interested in serving the Church with their artistic gifts.


Hear from leaders and experts in the field. These are wise and gifted individuals who love to share what they have learned along the way. And, they are just fun people to hang out with.


Gain theological tools for reflection and personal formation. The week is full of opportunity for developing artistic imagination, biblical literacy, and meaningful community.


Take an active role in worship leadership by participating in the week’s concluding event: Worship Showcase. Students design and lead a 15-minute worship gathering, gain valuable feedback, and participate in the worship design projects of fellow participants.

Who Can Attend?


Youth in grades 7-12 are invited to attend. This experience is designed to support and develop young artists who are interested in developing their craft and learning more about worship leadership.


Those who lead youth are given the opportunity to develop their mentoring abilities. A dedicated Adult Mentoring track is designed to support adult leaders age 21 and older.

We encourage groups to come together, as it can be helpful to process the events of the week with friends and teammates. Students, youth pastors, worship leaders, and adult mentors are invited to join in a collaborative time of growth, community, and artistic synergy.

Why the Worship Arts Lab?

Empowering Young Artists

We believe in the tremendous creativity and leadership ability of youth. We also understand that worship can be meaningful and powerful. In light of this, there is a great need for thoughtful, discerning young leaders who are willing to bring imagination and artistic skill to worship.

Theological Reflection

The Worship Arts Lab is designed to provide the space and time needed to hone artistic abilities and develop theological perspective. Through Worship Arts Lab, youth develop a richer imagination for worship while gaining deeper insights into the nature of God and the worshiping community.

Practical Training for Individuals and Teams

By engaging in thoughtful worship design, participating in various styles of worship, and increasing biblical literacy, teenagers are given new tools that can be taken home to their local churches. Adults who mentor youth are given the opportunity to further develop their mentoring abilities and work alongside youth through innovative worship projects.

Innovating for the Future of Worship and the Arts

We desire to see the flourishing of young worship artists and those who mentor them. As a result, mentoring young worship leaders and artists lies at the heart of our mission. Join us as we innovate the future of worship and the arts.