• Biology Minor

    The minor in biology gives students a solid foundation in general biology, cell biology, biology of microorganisms, and general chemistry, and the opportunity to explore other biology subfields such as neurobiology, genetics, molecular biology, and more.

  • Chemistry Minor

    The minor in chemistry gives students a solid foundation in general and organic chemistry with the opportunity to explore advanced chemistry courses that provide in-depth instruction on complex chemical concepts and hands-on laboratory experience. This minor can be a valuable addition to computer science, engineering, mathematics, and physics majors.

  • Classics Minor

    The classics minor instructs students in the religion, art, architecture, laws, philosophies, governments, and languages of ancient Greece and ancient Rome, helping them understand and articulate a Christian perspective of truth and life.

  • Computer Information Systems Minor

    The minor in computer information systems offers students an opportunity to acquire skills in computer applications that support information technology in business systems. Together with a major in the sciences, business, or another discipline, the computer information systems minor can open pathways to careers in a wide range of fields.

  • Computer Science Minor

    The minor in computer science offers students an opportunity to acquire skills in the basics of computer science. Together with a major in the sciences, business, or another discipline, the computer science minor provides an extra advantage for competitive job markets.

  • English Minor

    The English minor offers students a chance to experience three foundational courses in the discipline and provides an opportunity to customize a package of upper-division electives in literature, creative writing, or professional writing to suit their needs and interests.

  • Ethnic Studies Minor

    The ethnic studies minor at APU enhances students’ understanding of the experiences of U.S. immigrant populations and communities of color, along with their sensitivity to issues of race, ethnicity, and social class.

  • History Minor

    The history minor instructs students on human possibilities and limits through studies in American, European, and world history, in order to equip them to make solid decisions that are grounded in the human experience.

  • Humanities Minor

    Students in this minor engage the great works of literature, philosophy, art, music, science, and theology.

  • International Relations Minor

    The international relations minor instructs students in international politics, history, geography, and diplomacy, in order to prepare them to become effective community leaders.

  • Mathematics Minor

    The mathematics minor provides a flexible way for any student to develop his or her quantitative and analytical thinking skills. For students with AP Calculus credit, the minor requires just 12-16 units instead of the usual 19.

  • Physics Minor

    The physics minor is ideal for students majoring in mathematics, chemistry, or biology.

  • Political Science Minor

    The political science minor instructs students in classical and modern political thought, American politics, and international relations, in order to prepare them to become advocates for truth and justice in their nation and the world.

  • Prelaw Minor

    The prelaw minor instructs students in political science, criminal law, constitutional law, and political philosophy, in order to ready them for the rigors of law school.

  • Sociology Minor

    The sociology minor is ideal for students who wish to supplement their major area of study with a broader knowledge of human social behaviors.

  • Spanish Minor

    The Spanish minor equips students with fundamental skills to thrive in the Spanish-speaking world: a solid grasp of the language, and an introduction to the culture and history.

  • Statistics Minor

    Students with any major or minor are eligible to earn the statistics minor. In particular, a student is permitted to earn both the statistics minor and the mathematics minor.

  • TESOL Minor

  • Vocational Development Minor

    The minor in vocational development helps students explore and discern vocational calling for themselves and others while pursuing a chosen major.

Note: This information is current for the 2019-20 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.