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The Honors College is a valuable part of the Azusa Pacific community. We read Great Texts on a journey of discovering who we are and how God works in humanity. As we learn about what God has done through saints and historical figures in the past, we can adapt and apply what we have learned in our modern world.

Engstrom Hall is where first-year honors students participate in a vibrant living and learning community. This shared experience allows students to prioritize time for schoolwork amidst the busyness of college life, while still enjoying on-campus living. Our deeply invested Residence Life team plans camping trips, hikes, games, hall events, and other get-togethers to develop a strong sense of community among residents.

Engstrom Hall

Engstrom Hall is located on East Campus, between Trinity Hall and the Cougar Baseball Complex. Engstrom residents have easy access to classes, dining venues, friends in other freshman residence halls, and on-campus social activities. Through non-Honors classes, student affairs activities, and service opportunities, Honors students connect and build relationships with students from every part of the university community.

The rooms in Engstrom are arranged in small suites composed of two rooms connected by a bathroom. Two to three students share one room, with a maximum of five students per suite. The Honors floor offers an oven, microwave, vending machines, card-operated laundry facilities, and a spacious lounge where students can study, hang out, and enjoy events planned by Residence Life.

The Perks of a Vibrant Living-Learning Community

One of the perks of the Honors College is access to our vibrant living-learning community. The freshman cohort lives together in Engstrom Hall on East Campus. Engstrom is a strong community filled with Honors and non-Honors students. It is the only freshmen dorm on campus with suite-style living (every two dorm rooms share one private bathroom!). See what Adam Huxell, Aubrey Harbman, and Jaye Beekhuis say about their experience:

“Living in the Honors Hall during my freshman year was such a fun, transformative experience that I decided to be the Resident Advisor for it my Junior year! Honors is a community that laughs, learns, and struggles together. The program is challenging, but you make lifelong friendships going through it together. I would not have wanted my freshman experience to be anywhere else.”

Adam Huxell, Honors Humanities and Marketing, Class of 2021

“Living in the Honors dorm made such a difference my freshman year! It was so sweet to be surrounded by so many people reading and thinking about the same things and asking the same questions. Community is one of the best parts of Honors, and living together cemented our friendships outside the classroom.”

Aubrey Harbman, Honors Humanities and Nursing, Class of 2022

“Living with the freshman Honors girls was wonderful! We worked on papers together, prayed together, and had movie nights every Friday. Going through the transition to college with this built-in support system was such a blessing!

Jaye Beekhuis, Honors Humanities and BFA Screenwriting, Class of 2021

Note: This information is current for the 2023-24 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.

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