Children in the Libraries

Like the local public library, the university libraries are an important resource for seeking, finding, retrieving, evaluating, and using information. Our goal is to provide a clean, safe, and quiet atmosphere for all members of the APU community.

Unlike the local public library, the university libraries serve a primarily adult population. We are not designed to meet the information needs of children, and make no promise that the needs of children will be accommodated. The following guidelines have been established to clarify our position on children in the library, and to remind adults that they are responsible, at all times, for the behavior, and safety, of their children while visiting APU libraries.

Parents are urged to assist their children in the selection (and use) of various library materials and computer resources appropriate to their age and family values. A parent or guardian must accompany children at all times. It is the responsibility of the parent(s) or guardian(s) to monitor the behavior, and safety, of their children at all times.

Unruly children will be asked to discontinue their use of library resources and/or leave the library, and parents shall be required to remove their children from the library if requested by library staff.

Children may use the library (and its resources) as long as they are not disrupting patrons, are not misusing library resources (or its facilities), and are not creating a safety hazard to themselves or others. Parents assume financial responsibility for any loss or damage to library resources and/or facilities.

Although we try to accommodate all library users, APU students, faculty and staff do have priority over visitors (including children) in the use of library resources, facilities and services.

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