Cell Phones in the Libraries

The University Libraries understand the multifaceted demands our library community must be capable of responding to and the corresponding usefulness of cell phones. While we appreciate the practicality of carrying a cell phone wherever you go, we ask that you abide by a few simple guidelines, in order to preserve the proper climate for research and study.

Required Behaviors

Most importantly please do not answer calls on your cell phone while in a library. We would request that if you must take the call, please take it outside immediately.

Do not talk on your cell phone while in “discreet” sections of the building (e.g. the restrooms, stairwells, corners, etc.).

Suggested Behaviors

On behalf of our library community, we would greatly appreciate if all cell phones were changed to vibrate or silent ring tone settings while in a library.

Please utilize text messaging and email as you are comfortable.

Lastly, whenever possible, please turn off your cell phone while using a library.

Possible Repercussions

Failure to comply with the instructions of a library staff member may result in the suspension of library privileges or contact with Campus Safety.

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