Course Reserves

Students: Learn how to access Reserve materials.

Faculty members may place personally-owned or APU-owned books and media items on traditional Reserve, or scanned copies of journal articles on Electronic Reserve, for the special limited use of the students in their classes. Requests to have materials placed on Reserve should be made at least 72 hours before the items are needed so that Circulation staff can prepare the materials for use.

Materials will be placed on reserve at the request of faculty for the noncommercial, educational use of students. The libraries reserve the right to refuse Electronic Reserve materials if the nature, scope, or extent of copying is judged to exceed limits of fair use, or if the appropriate permissions are not included.

At the end of each academic year, all materials will be removed from Reserve unless other arrangements have been made. Subsequent use of electronic reserves is subject to copyright permissions being granted. It is the Instructor’s responsibility to request these copyright permissions and pay any fees involved.

For more information on how to reserve materials, please visit pages by reserve type: Traditional Reserves or Electronic Reserves.

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