Graduate Student Publications

Graduate Student Publications (GSP) ensures that dissertations and theses from APU graduate students are published on ProQuest with appropriate professional styles and formats. In so doing, GSP:

Canvas Course

Publishing Dissertations and Theses: Processes, Guidelines, and Resources (complies with 7th edition of APA)

This course consists of seven modules that cover all requirements for graduate students to publish their dissertations and theses on ProQuest through GSP. Some features of this Canvas course:

  • Available to anyone with a account
  • No charges, no assignments, and no grades
  • All resources are in one place

How to access the Canvas course:

For More Information

Sharon Wang, PhD
Director, Graduate Student Publications
(626) 815-6000, Ext. 5850


  1. While the APU Style and Format Handbook for Dissertation and Thesis Publications emphasizes APA convention, students’ departments determine which style manual is required for their discipline. The handbook identifies general format requirements that all dissertations and theses must adhere to. Within this general structure, each program specifies the style and format manuals, such as MLA, Chicago, Turabian, or APA, to be used by their students in dissertations and theses.
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