Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put in a work order?

Any maintenance or furniture work orders can be submitted via, under “Self Service,” click on “Campus Work Order.” In the event that the network is down, call the work order line at Ext. 3527.

Where do new students live?

Incoming freshmen live in one of our four residence halls.
Incoming transfers may be assigned to any of our residence halls or campus apartments regardless of class level.

Do male and female students live together?

Smith Hall is the men's residence hall. Adams Hall is the women's residence hall. Engstrom and Trinity Halls are co-ed, with single-gender floors and wings. Only students of the same gender can live in an on-campus apartment together.

What should I bring?

Comprehensive information on what to bring to campus can be found on our Housing Packing List (PDF).

When will I find out where I am assigned and who my roommate(s) will be?

We typically send out initial room assignments during the month of July for fall semester and over Christmas break for spring semester. When you receive your room assignment, it will include the name and contact information for your roommate(s).

How many roommates will I have?

If you live in one of our residence halls, you will have either one or two roommates.

All of our one-bedroom apartments house either two or three students. Most of our two-bedroom apartments house four students. However, some of the Mods house up to five students.

When can I move in?

Please make sure you look at the official information when you receive your housing assignment. This is also the day that Welcome Weekend begins.

Some students are required to move in early because they are involved with an athletic team, music group, or other activity that requires early arrival. If you are involved with one of those groups, you will receive information about your arrival date from your coach, director, or the coordinator of the activity with which you are involved.

Where do I go to check in?

Check-in happens in the Office of Housing Services, located in the Engstrom Hall lounge. Please review the official information sent with your housing assignment for more detailed information about check-in times.

What can I do to personalize my room?

Removable adhesive putty and other temporary mounting products may be used for decorating as long as no damage results from use. Any damage to walls, doors, or room surfaces will result in a charge and must be repaired by facilities management; students should not try to make repairs themselves.

Rooms may not be painted, nor may the facility be modified in any way. This includes putting up shelves that are screwed to the wall, changing light fixtures or switches, drilling holes in desks or cutting the bottom off of your door (all of which have been tried in the past). Nothing may be hung from the ceiling.

What is a loft kit and how can I get one?

A loft kit allows you to raise a bed to create a workspace underneath. One loft kit comes standard for tripled and quintupled rooms. Due to the high demand, loft kits are not currently available for students not in a tripled or quintupled configuration.

How big is my room?

Layouts and dimensions of typical rooms in all living areas can be found at

How do I set up utilities?

Visit the Utilities Set-up page for more information.

How can I contact the Office of Housing Services if I have more questions?

Email Address:
Phone: (626) 812-3056

What is the difference between Housing Services and Residence Life?

To find out about the questions below, follow this link to the Residence Life website.

  • What is an RA?
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  • Do you have a curfew?
  • What supervision do you have in the living areas?
  • What are the rules in the living areas?