APU Professor Robert Mullins, Ph.D., chair and professor in the Department of Biblical and Religious Studies, was recently featured in Live Science. Mullins, who is lead archaeologist at Tel Abel Beth Maacah in northern Israel, discussed the latest artifact unearthed from this excavation site––a 2,800 year old miniature sculpture that may depict a biblical king.

"Despite the head's small and innocuous appearance, it provides us with a unique opportunity to gaze into the eyes of a famous person from the past—-a past enshrined in the Book of Ages," Mullins said.

The small faience head is featured on display at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. It sits in a special display case in the archaeological wing of the museum.

The Tel Abel Beth Maacah excavation site is a partnership between Azusa Pacific University and Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Read the article here.

Photo courtesy of Gaby Laron (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
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