Meet the Staff

  • Sam Kim

    Executive Director

    Sam oversees the entire Undergraduate Admissions team. He is focused on bringing students to APU who will thrive when they get here. His oversight of the entire admissions process includes strategy creation, process improvement, and market development. If you meet a counselor, come to campus, or have your application processed, he most likely had his hand on that experience.

  • Brenda Eubanks

    Application Processing Specialist

    If you’ve applied to APU as a prospective freshman, a reactivate, a reenroll, or a transfer student, Brenda has processed your application. She carefully and methodically enters each and every application we receive, verifying that your information was completed properly and ensuring a counselor has been assigned to students in their recruiting area.

  • Charlene Osborne

    Client Services Associate

    Charlene provides administrative support for all admissions events including event registration and communication. She assists the counseling staff with recruitment communication for high school and college fairs including all National College Fairs and she is responsible for all Trustees’ Scholarship qualification documentation.

  • Chris Moran

    Application Processing Specialist

    Once the admissions committee makes a decision on your application, Chris makes sure that everything gets processed correctly in our system. If you have received an acceptance letter, Chris probably printed it for you. He also works with the admissions counselors to help you matriculate into the university as you officially become part of the APU family.

  • Deborah Downing

    Document Imaging Specialist

    Deb really is a specialist! She keeps us all on our game as she moves the endless flow of documentation seamlessly through the imaging into our database just in time for the right pair of eyes to view the material and make those important decisions for our students. That’s why the admissions team knows her as the “Imaging Queen.”

  • Dorene Martinez

    Client Services Supervisor

    Dorene is the first friendly face to greet you when you come to the office. She sets up appointments with the counselors and campus visits for our guests. She and her staff are ready to help students reach the right person to answer their questions. Give her a call or stop by. Our office opens at 8:30 a.m.

  • Emily Belsey


    Emily oversees the office’s behind-the-scenes processing and operations. Always looking for ways to improve processes and enhance prospective students’ experiences, she and our processing team ensure that all inquiries and applications are processed quickly and efficiently, and that mailed materials are reaching future APU students—especially those exciting acceptance letters!

  • Jake Caouette

    Assistant Director, Marketing and Communications

    Jake works to make sure that high school students know all about APU. He works closely with the admissions counselors to ensure they have all the information they need to communicate to prospective students that APU sends out difference makers.

  • Jeffrey Yeom

    Admissions Processing Specialist

    Jeffrey works closely with the assistant director of marketing and communications to ensure that you hear about what APU has to offer. He is also a general help in the office who assists in every stage of application processing, from inquiry to decision.

  • Joe Vinatieri

    Associate Director

    Joe oversees all of the internal daily operations in Undergraduate Admissions. His mission is to ensure the office is running as smoothly as possible so we can guarantee a quick turnaround on application decisions and a high level of customer service for all who interact with our office.

  • Joyce Richardson

    Administrative Assistant

    Joyce Richardson is the administrative assistant to the senior director of undergraduate admissions and director of recruitment. She works managing schedules, arranging appointments and meetings, compiling statistics, tracking the budget, and supporting the needs of the office.

  • Kayla Montgomery

    Assistant Director, Freshman Recruitment

    Kayla works with our freshman counseling team to make sure they have everything they need to recruit the next class of difference makers. She has a passion for APU and is an advocate for higher education. She helps identify and build strategic partnerships with key stakeholders in the field of college access and advocacy.

  • Lynnette Barnes

    Processing Coordinator

    Lynnette responds to each inquiry we receive from prospective students and provides the information they requested. She also supports our counselors while they travel, getting their material to them where and when they need it. She has a lot of energy and manages to keep things organized and running smoothly.

  • Lucille Chavez

    Welcome Center Coordinator/Admissions Counselor

    Lucille is one of APU’s most visible ambassadors, greeting each prospective student and family upon arrival to the Azusa campus. Even before your feet touch APU soil, Lucille has been working hard behind the scenes to make sure your visit goes smoothly. She coordinates class visits and faculty appointments, and keeps the intricate operations of the Welcome Center functioning in high gear.

  • Pamela Berry

    Application Processing Coordinator

    As our application processing coordinator, Pam keeps everything running smoothly. She processes thousands of applications, plus the additional material that we receive to complete your files. She compiles test scores and transcripts, supervises our student workers, and helps prospective students get the information they need.

  • Tyler Uhl

    Data Analyst

    Tyler serves the undergraduate admissions office with design, implementation, configuration, testing, and maintenance in our two data systems: Oracle’s PeopleSoft and a Salesforce-hosted Student Recruitment CRM.

  • Annely Salgado

    Marketing Assistant

    Annely works to ensure that your questions are answered and that you hear about highlights in the admissions process through our social media accounts. She loves connecting with students and parents to ensure that you know what APU is about and what your experience could look like here.

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