Meet the Staff

  • Adam Lipson, M.A.

    Associate Vice President

  • Leah Klingseis, M.A.

    Director of Recruitment

  • Emily Belsey, M.A.

    Director of Admissions Operations

  • Yuriko Bassett

    Assistant Director of Enrollment Services

  • Pamela Berry

    Application Processing Coordinator

  • Deborah Downing

    Document Imaging Specialist

  • Brenda Eubanks

    Processing Manager

  • Cory Justus, MBA

    Director of Enrollment Marketing and Communications

  • Peter Lujan

    Assistant Director, Transfer Recruitment

  • Dorene Martinez

    Client Services Supervisor

  • Kayla Montgomery

    Associate Director, Freshman Recruitment

  • Chris Moran

    Application Processing Specialist

  • Charlene Osborne

    Client Services Associate

  • Joyce Richardson

    Administrative Assistant

  • Sara Ruiz


  • Wendi Sparling, M.A.

    Application Maintenance Specialist

  • Tyler Uhl

    Data Analyst

  • Jeffrey Yeom

    Marketing and Communications Specialist

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