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We’re excited you’re interested in transferring to Azusa Pacific to study at our Azusa campus! APU offers transfer pathways and resources to support you, and our admissions team is available to assist along the way.

You can transfer to APU as early as your freshman year. APU does not require a specific set of courses or a minimum amount of units completed prior to applying, but we recommend following the General Education Transfer Plans or Articulation Agreement list of suggested courses for your institution to help ensure they transfer over. The key is to identify your transfer plan and start planning early! Ready to apply?

Are you an admitted transfer student? If you’ve already been accepted to APU, congrats! Visit our Admitted Students page and watch for emails from the admissions team to guide you through next steps.

Start with an Online Transfer Credit Evaluation

Create an account on the Transferology website to find out which college courses will transfer to APU.

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Find Your Transfer Pathway

General Education Transfer Plans 

The General Education Transfer Plans provide suggested courses that will satisfy APU’s General Education requirements, based on the school you are transferring from. Use these to plan your transfer path, or contact our admissions team for assistance in seeing which courses transfer.

The following are NOT articulation agreements, but are tools to aid traditional undergraduate students in knowing which courses APU will accept to fulfill General Education requirements.

Select a California community college to view a General Education transfer plan:

APU accepts the completed IGETC or CSU GE Breadth as fulfilling the lower-division General Education requirements.

All APU students who complete a GE certificate are required to complete the prorated requisite number of Biblical, Theological, and Philosophical Formation and upper-division General Education courses. In the cases of the IGETC and CSU GE, the certification must be completed and obtained from the respective community college before the student matriculates to APU. Students who do not receive full certification will be evaluated by standard course-to-course articulation and will follow the APU General Education program.

Articulation Agreements

Course-to-course articulation agreements identify courses from the community college or university you are transferring from that are comparable to or “acceptable in lieu of” corresponding courses for undergraduate programs at APU. We offer articulation agreements with many community colleges across Southern California.

Note: No Transfer Inquiry Form is needed to transfer traditional undergraduate courses that are listed on an articulation agreement with APU.

Associate Degree Transfer Plans

 If you’re planning to complete your associate degree and transfer from a community college, view available transfer plans to see how your courses and degree will transfer into a major at APU.

  • Degree preparation requirements are streamlined, making the transition pathway to APU clear for community college students interested in transferring.
  • Guaranteed completion of your bachelor’s degree in no more than 68 units if you remain on track with your academic plan.
  • Depending on your qualifications, you may be eligible for an APU scholarship, including academic scholarships for transfer students.

You must verify with APU that you have completed or will complete your associate degree by the deadlines listed in the relevant plan. You will receive priority admissions consideration by completing your degree in a major similar to your intended major at Azusa Pacific.

After earning an Associate of Arts for Transfer (AA-T) or Associate of Science for Transfer (AS-T) degree from a college with an approved transfer plan, students are guaranteed admission to APU with junior standing.

Military Credit

APU evaluates courses and service completed through the Armed Services and may grant credit for such courses. Credit is typically based on the recommendations from the American Council on Education (ACE) and may include General Education credit in Fitness for Life and other non-General Education elective credit.

Exam Credit: AP, IB, CLEP

Earn credit through three competency exams recognized by the university: Advanced Placement (AP) tests, International Baccalaureate (IB), and the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). There is no maximum number of credits that may be accumulated from these tests, but no CLEP credit will be granted in a student’s final semester. View Credit by Examination in the Academic Catalog for additional information or contact the Student Services Center.

Explore Transfer Scholarships and Financial Aid

APU offers scholarships for transfer students, in addition to other financial aid opportunities, to support your education. Learn more about understanding financial aid and what may be available to you, including academic scholarships.

Three Ways to Find Funds

Check out these helpful scholarship and financial aid tips for transfer students.

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Connect With Us

Our admissions representatives are available to help you through the process. Call (626) 812-3016 or email [email protected] to schedule an appointment.