Internet Access

Purpose of the Policy

Azusa Pacific University (APU) has made it possible for employees to access the global set of computer networks known as the “Internet” or “world wide web” (hereafter referred to as the Internet), using APU-owned and provided equipment. Such use is subject to the policy stated below. [See also the separate APU Electronic Mail Usage Policy, which specifically applies to the use of electronic mail, including sending such mail via Internet addresses.]


This policy applies to all Azusa Pacific University employees. This policy addresses the following issues: appropriate access, university public relations, and misuse


Any use of APU facilities or equipment in violation of this policy will subject employees to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination, as well as potential criminal prosecution. Access to the Internet through APU-provided equipment, as with other company-provided tools, is for business use. Occasional personal use that does not interfere with the employee’s job performance is acceptable (e.g. during breaks or lunch), but such use remains subject to the provisions of this Policy.

APU will monitor all usage, including web sites visited and files/programs downloaded, to ensure compliance with this Policy.

No information shall be “posted” (i.e., “uploaded”) to the Internet, representing APU, without first coordinating with the Office of the CIO or the Director of University Marketing and Creative Media. Misuse of APU-provided Internet access is prohibited. Misuse can occur through viewing web sites, downloading information, or uploading information, and specifically includes: Accessing or distributing information that is obscene, pornographic, defamatory, harassing, threatening, contains racial or sexual slurs, or otherwise is inappropriate in the context of APU’s Christian ethos and Core Values.

Violating copyrights or other proprietary rights through unauthorized copying [ask if you are not sure!] Unauthorized distribution of APU materials (particularly confidential or proprietary information); Attempting to “break in” to unauthorized computer networks or systems.

Any questions concerning this Policy and/or appropriate use of APU-provided Internet access should be directed to the Office of the CIO, who will consult with Human Resources and the President’s Cabinet as appropriate.

Appendix A -- Policy Routing

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Approved by: John C. Reynolds, Vice President of Information Technology

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