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Professional Development Opportunities

ITT encourages all APU faculty to be lifelong learners and continuously grow and hone their pedagogical practices and instructional technology competence. We recognize this can be challenging for many faculty, who are busy and overloaded with teaching, research, and service responsibilities. To that end, ITT’s unique approach to faculty support and professional development is guided by the following principles:

  • Just in Time is about having immediate access to relevant resources to solve immediate problems. Instead of waiting for a training opportunity, ITT provides faculty access to on-demand teaching resources, including tutorials, recorded workshops/webinars, and libraries of professionally produced content.
  • Just Enough is about microlearning, where faculty get bite-sized and practical resources/support needed to succeed. Instead of overwhelmingly long, out-of-context, and disconnected training, ITT helps faculty solve pedagogical and technological problems through short, digestible, and actionable resources and training.
  • Just for Me/Us is about relevant, personalized learning. Beyond offering general resources, ITT encourages faculty, department chairs, and deans to initiate requests for specific resources, training, or support, tailored to meet their unique needs.
  • Just Do It is about learning by doing. To maximize learning, ITT takes a practical, hands-on approach to training via exercises, projects, and deliverables, as opposed to the traditional lecture-and-learn approach.

Below is a list of some of the opportunities we offer. If you do not find what you’re looking for, contact us at [email protected].

On-Campus Opportunities

On-Demand Opportunities

Professional Organizations and Networking