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Teaching with Technology

ITT professionals are available to coach faculty on choosing the appropriate technology and employing it effectively in their courses. Below is a list of common technologies used at APU. We will periodically update and add to this list. If you do not find what you’re looking for, contact us at [email protected].

Canvas (Learning Management System)

Google Apps (Collaboration and Productivity Tools)

Screen Capture Tools

Faculty looking to enhance their instruction can use screen capturing tools to create narrated presentations, weekly summary or overview videos, explanations of concepts, and other related videos. The most effective screencasts are scripted (not improvised), clear sounding (use good microphone), and short (about 3 minutes). Here are some recommended screen capture tools:

Video Creation and Hosting Tools

Faculty looking to go beyond traditional paper assignments might consider video-based projects. Here are some recommended tools and resources for getting started:

Web Conferencing Tools

  • Google Hangout: Part of Google Apps, Hangout is available to everyone (faculty, staff, and students) at APU. Hangout is intended for informal and conversational-type meetings, accommodating up to 12 participants. Hangouts cannot be recorded. If you want to record the session, you can use Google Hangout On Air. Both Hangout and Hangout On Air are available on-demand.
  • Zoom: A cloud video conferencing tool, Zoom can be used for formal and informal online instruction or web meetings, accommodating up to 50 attendees. Zoom offers a free Basic plan (limited to 40 minutes on group meetings) and a Pro plan (unlimited meeting duration). If you need a Pro license, send a request to [email protected]. Hosting licenses are complimentary for academic uses (e.g., teaching blended and online courses) and $100/year for nonacademic uses (e.g., staff meetings).
  • Zoom Help Center
  • Getting Started
  • Training

Copyright Compliance

  • Faculty are responsible for ensuring that their course materials comply with copyright law. For more information, refer to the Copyright Advisory created by University Libraries.
  • Faculty interested in using copyrighted videos in their courses must secure permission prior to uploading videos in the LMS. Faculty needing help digitizing an approved copyrighted video can submit a Request for Video Digitalization.