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Employee Benefits

Azusa Pacific has an excellent benefits package. We are pleased to offer regular full-time employees medical, dental, vision, and life insurance plans options. Coverage is effective on the first of the month following the date of employment.


Medical and vision coverage is offered through Kaiser Permanente (HMO) and Anthem Blue Cross (HMOs, PPO, and a high deductible plan with a Health Savings Account). Dental options include Delta Dental Premier (PPO) and DeltaCare USA (HMO). Vision is through Kaiser or VSP.

Anthem Life Insurance Company: underwrites APU’s Basic Life, Accidental Death, and Dismemberment, and Long Term Disability policies covering employees. In addition, there are optional Supplemental Life policies available to the employee, the employee’s spouse, and dependent children from the age of 6 months to 26 years. The University provides a Basic Life Insurance Policy of $50,000 and a Long Term Disability Policy at no cost to the employee. Premiums for Employee or Spousal Supplemental Life are based on age.

Flexible Spending Accounts: (FSAs) allow employees the opportunity to set aside on a pre-tax basis up to $2,700 per year for healthcare expenses and/or $5,000 per year for dependent care expenses.

Enrollment Requirements

Please note that while regular full-time employees are eligible for insurance benefits on the first of the month following the date of employment, coverage is not automatic. All employees must select or waive benefits within 30 days of eligibility date through the online enrollment system.

If choosing from Anthem Blue Cross HMOs and/or DeltaCare USA, please obtain primary care physician’s and dentist’s name and enrollment ID prior to logging on to the benefit enrollment system. The name and ID number can be found in the Anthem directory at and/or the DeltaCare USA at It also requires the names, social security numbers, and birth dates of dependents as well as the date of marriage if adding a spouse. VSP vision cannot be selected unless you select Anthem Blue Cross (HMO, PPO, or HDHP with HSA) or have declined medical coverage. Proof of dependent status is required.

For more information, contact Human Resources.


Azusa Pacific University invites employees to participate in APU’s Defined Contribution Retirement Plan through TIAA. New employees are immediately eligible to contribute a portion of their pay to the plan as a pre-tax or Roth deferral. Retirement plan enrollment is not automatic. Eligible employees may enroll on their own through an online process.


For Full-time Eligible Employees

Eligible full-time employees and their spouses are entitled to receive a 100% tuition discount on the first 3 units in a given semester and a 75% discount on an additional 3 units (maximum of 6 units in a given semester). The discounts apply to tuition only. During the summer, a 50% tuition discount may be applied on up to 6 units. Staff/faculty members may enroll in a maximum of 6 units each semester/summer. Tuition discounts are not available for APU doctoral programs.

After a one-year waiting period, dependent children (under the age of 25) of eligible employees may receive a tuition discount of 40% during the fall and spring semesters (for undergraduate tuition, up to 18 units per semester). This benefit will increase 5% per year for each year of employment, up to a maximum of 80%. The summer tuition benefit is for 50% of undergraduate tuition.

Married children (under the age of 25) of eligible employees are eligible for a scholarship of $1,250 per semester as full-time traditional undergraduate students.

Contact Student Financial Services or Human Resources for more information regarding tuition benefits.

Green Commuter/Rideshare Program

APU’s Rideshare Program helps the university meet its Clean Air Requirements and its contract with the South Coast Air Quality Management District. Through Rideshare, the following benefits are available to you:

For regular full-time staff, the incentives include:

  • Earning $1.50 each day that you use an alternative to driving alone
  • Earning an extra hour of time off
  • Entering drawings to win gift cards
  • Registering for a preferred carpool parking space if the alternative to driving alone is carpool

For regular and adjunct faculty, the incentives include:

  • Earning $1.50 each day that you use an alternative to driving alone
  • Entering drawings to win gift cards and Cougar Bucks
  • Registering for a preferred carpool parking space if the alternative to driving alone is carpool

For student employees, the incentives include:

  • Entering drawings for Cougar Bucks (4 prizes each month)
  • Entering drawings to win gift cards

If you are a current APU employee and would like to participate, please visit the Rideshare Program page for more information.