Staff Council

The Staff Council is a body of staff members who support the interests of APU staff and facilitate communication among staff, faculty, and the general university community. Staff Council also serves as an advisory board to the administration and Board of Trustees, representing matters of importance to APU staff. The council draws its members from all three areas of staff employment: Campus Resources, Student Affairs, and University Services (view the council roster below).

Message from the Chair

Greetings from Staff Council. It is my honor to serve as Staff Council chair for the 2021-23 term. On behalf of the entire Staff Council, I want you to know that we are committed to all of you (staff and faculty) and to the success of our students and institution. We all know that these are challenging times, and it will take every one of us rallying together to ensure our university’s success.

Staff Council will continue to work with all of you (staff, faculty, students, and leadership) in creating a fiscally sound organization that promotes valuing each other while also promoting the interests and development of our entire staff. Your Staff Council team is working for all of you to help promote a prosperous organization that will continue to bring us back as an employer of choice while developing our staff for the betterment of the person and the university.

Please know that the Staff Council is your council, and we need participation from all of you in order for us to be successful. Send us any questions, concerns, or inquiries at or email me at and your voice will be heard.

God bless you all. The future is going to be an upward trajectory, and it will take every one of us to reach that mountaintop and be that university “City on a Hill.”

Thank you all for your support.

Chris Kelly
Chair, APU Staff Council

Our Mission

The Staff Council’s mission is to cultivate an organization representing staff by promoting interests and concerns of each staff member, supporting the personal and professional development of staff members, providing tangible encouragement to community members, and engaging in intentional and transparent interaction and dialogue with staff and administration.

Staff Council Roster 2022

Officers (Served Since)

Chris Kelly, Chair 2021-23 (2018-19)
Department/School: Information Technology
Committee: Governance

Members (Served Since)

Loretta Atwan (2018-19)
Department/School: Division of University Advancement
Committees: Salaries and Benefits, Governance

Jacquelyn Babikian (2020-21)
Department/School: Grad/Professional Admissions
Committee: Compensation and Benefits

Aubrey Berry (2019-20)
Department/School: Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence
Committee: Diversity

Bethany Blomquist (2019-20)
Department/School: Athletics
Committee: Communications (Chair)

Matt Browning (2021)
Department/School: Internationalization
Committee: Compensation and Benefits

Alice Bucao (2019-20)
Department/School: Enrollment Services
Committee: Staff Recognition and Development

Mona Girgis (2019-20)
Department/School: University Libraries
Committee: Encouragement

Kate Kimanzi (2021)
Department/School: Academic Operations and Strategic Planning, Office of the Provost
Committee: Diversity

Molly Ledadom (2021)
Department/School: Criminal Justice
Committee: Communication

Jonathan Lord (2021)
Department/School: Classroom and Event Technology, IMT
Committee: Communication

Yvette Marquez (2021)
Department/School: Behavioral and Applied Sciences
Committee: Compensation and Benefits

Michelle McDonald (2019-20)
Department/School: Academic Service-Learning
Committee: Encouragement (Chair)

Alex Oh (2021)
Department/School: Campus Life
Committee: Staff Development and Recognition

Jeff Postlmayr (2019-20)
Department/School: Nursing
Committee: Communications

Rick Roberts (2021)
Department/School: Productivity Solutions, IMT
Committees: Staff Development and Recognition, Governance

Jeffrey Tirrell (2021)
Department/School: Curricular Support and Effectiveness
Committee: Compensation and Benefits

Jared Votaw (2021)
Department/School: Residence Life
Committee: Encouragement

Get Involved with Staff Council

Proposal Request

Do you have an idea for Staff Council or want the council to consider a new or updated policy, initiative, or benefit? If so, fill out the Staff Council Proposal Request form. Completed request forms will be reviewed by the appropriate Staff Council committee for consideration by Staff Council.

Encouragement Fund Request

Are you aware of an APU employee (faculty or staff) who is struggling financially due to an unexpected hardship caused by a personal situation, catastrophe, or trauma? Funded by APU employees for APU employees, the Encouragement Fund is available to support all APU employees during difficult times. If you know of an APU employee who is experiencing a hardship, complete the Encouragement Fund request form.

If you would like to contribute to the APU Encouragement Fund, click below:

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