What Should I Bring?

Every student in campus housing is provided with a bed, mattress, desk, chair, and set of drawers. Depending upon the living area, the set of drawers may be built-in or free-standing. It is important to note that most of the university’s beds are 36 x 80 inches long (twin XL). We recommend that you bring twin extra-long bedding.

Your room may look a bit bare at first, so you may want to bring some items to make it feel more like home. You may want to refer to our suggested Housing Packing List (PDF). When considering what to bring, please remember two basic rules:

  • Read the housing policies to see what you can and cannot do when considering “decorating” your room. There are also items you cannot bring, which are outlined there as well.
  • You will be sharing space with another person(s). Contact your roommate(s) and discuss what you each plan to bring. Don’t show up with two or three of everything!
Fall 2020 Housing Guidelines

Although the majority of students will study away from campus during the Fall 2020 semester, Residence Life has developed a thorough plan to provide student housing for those with extenuating circumstances or for those receiving education in professions deemed essential to the nation’s recovery from the pandemic, including healthcare, that have necessary in-person components. For more information, view our Fall 2020 Housing Guidelines.

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