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Undergraduate Transfer Students Admissions Requirements

The following admission requirements apply to students who have graduated from high school and earned more than 28 units of college credit. Transfer students with less than 28 units earned at the time of applying need to submit additional information.

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  1. Completed application for admission, Statement of Agreement with Institutional Policy, and Personal Statement
  2. $45 nonrefundable application fee
  3. Official college transcripts
    • The applicant is responsible for requesting that official transcripts1 be sent from each college from which he/she has attended (or is currently attending) to the Office of International Enrollment Services.
      Please mail your official transcripts to:
      Office of International Enrollment Services
      Azusa Pacific University
      PO Box 7000
      Azusa, CA 91702-7000
  4. Official TOEFL (80 iBT) or IELTS (6.0) score
    • All international applicants must provide proof of English proficiency; review APU’s English proficiency requirements for ways to prove English proficiency without a TOEFL or IELTS score. For a TOEFL score report, use APU’s school code of 4596 to request that the report be sent to APU; note: the score is valid for only two years.
  5. Personal reference or letter of recommendation (PDF)
    • At the time of application, each applicant must supply contact information for a character recommendation.2 If recommendation information is not provided or unavailable when filling out the application, the applicant can supply it at a later time or download the recommendation form and give it to the recommender to complete.
  6. A bank statement or other official forms of documentation of financial support must accompany the financial statement and Undergraduate Affidavit of Financial Support (PDF) form.
  7. Copy of passport
  8. Nursing applicants
    • Additional materials are required for nursing applicants. Refer to the BSN Admission page for further information.

Transfer Guidelines

Transfer credits will be evaluated by the Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center | Undergraduate Registrar. At the time of application, submission of official course descriptions is necessary. The maximum number of transferable units into APU is 70 units from a junior college and 90 units from a university. The evaluation will be done on a course-by-course basis. Students will be required to take a minimum of 30 semester units at APU, including 15 upper-division units in their field of study. Courses graded lower than a C (on a U.S. scale) will not be transferable to APU.

APU does not require a specific set of college courses or a minimum amount of units completed prior to applying; however, it is in the best interest of the transfer applicant to follow the General Education Guidelines of suggested courses while enrolled at another institution.

Online Transfer Credit Evaluation

Use the Transferology website to find out which of your previous college courses will transfer to APU. After signing up, simply enter your coursework information and see if APU has matching classes for which credit may be awarded.


  1. Official transcripts are sealed by the high school or college and mailed directly or hand-carried to Azusa Pacific University.
  2. The recommender must be a person who has observed the applicant’s character and/or spiritual development over a reasonable period of time. When possible, APU prefers recommendations from pastors or youth pastors/leaders. Alternatively, a recommendation from a coach, teacher, counselor, employer, or adult family friend is also acceptable.

Financial Aid

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